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Destination & Travel Package

Downsize Lipo


Our state-of-the-art facility is located near the Medical Center of Houston TX.


We will arrange your stay at The Brand New Residence Inn by Mariott for the ultimate healing experience.
The Residence Inn will provide shuttle service to and from the Downsize Lipo Center. ( Approx. 10 Min Drive).
We will insure that your healing experience is everything you desire.


We will arrange for a driver to transport you from the Residence Inn.
Residence Inn by Mariott

Post Surgical Care

Post Surgical care will be provided by Dr. Mark Hennessy

Package Prices

Prices vary, as we personalize every package to your specific desires, and personal requirements. After your consultation ( in person or online ), we will provide a customized quote that will include total price for your surgery and concierge service during your stay.

Getting Started

Consultations are required prior to any surgery, to decide what is needed to achieve your Goals.

For Your Convenience We Offer Two Options:

  • In-office consultation, your surgery scheduled for the following day.
  • Virtual Consultation
    Where you fill out and submit the Virtual Consultation Medical History form below and provide images of the area to be treated.

Consultations are required prior to any surgery, to decide what is needed to achieve your Goals.

If you choose a Virtual Consultation, please complete the form below. As stated, this process does require an in-office consultation on the day after you arrive at Downsize Lipo and then surgery the day after your in-office consultation.

Virtual Consultation Form

Please include pictures of just the area of concern with as little extraneous background as possible. We require at minimum a straight AP, true Lateral, and an Oblique. If possible, we would like both Laterals and both Obliques. See pictures elsewhere on this site for examples.

Photo 1 (3mb max)
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Photo 5 (3mb max)

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