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Liposculpting The Mons Pubis and/or the Labia Majora

Many women seek treatment for stubborn localized fat of the Mons Pubis and sometimes of the labia majora. They feel self conscious about this area especially while wearing a bating suit or while working out at their local gym. For most women, this area is treated while undergoing lipo of the lower abdomen.


Liposculpting of the Mons Pubis can be completed in approximately 30 minutes (depending on the amount of fatty tissue to be removed).


In order to minimize bruising and inflammation post-lipo: Discontinue Aspirin and all NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory medications) and any blood thinning herbals (like St John’s Wort) for ten days prior to Liposculpting.


You will expect to find: bruising, swelling, and mild discomfort. Patients will receive a prescription for a pain medication prior to their procedure.


The majority of patients return to normal routine the day after Lipo. Showering may be initiated 24 hrs. post procedure. A compression garment will be applied immediately after the completion of Liposcultpting. .Aerobic exercise is encouraged the day after your procedure.


Liposculpting results are best appreciated 6 weeks post procedure. The Mons Pubis (and all areas) treated will maintain their post-lipo appearance as long as the patient maintains a healthy diet and exercises. Patients may also benefit from the purchase of The Recovery Care Products at: www.RCPCare.com

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