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Submental liposuction is a minimally invasive treatment that removes stubborn fat deposits from the submental region (the area beneath the chin). With submental liposuction, Houston patients can enjoy a more contoured and sculpted facial profile.

Countless people experience an accumulation of submental fat due to genetics and aging. This excess fat hides chiseled jawlines and creates a double chin, making people look older and out of shape.

Double chins can be stubborn to eliminate, even with the harshest exercise regimens and diets. Submental lipo reduces the volume of a double chin. It can improve the appearance of the jawline and enhance definition.

Can Anyone Get Submental Liposuction?

People with an average or high degree of skin elasticity tend to be better candidates for submental liposuction than people with poor skin elasticity. Smokers are not ideal candidates for this treatment, since smoking reduces skin elasticity and hurts the body’s ability to recover after the surgery.

The best candidates have realistic expectations in terms of their submental liposuction results and are in overall good health.

What Happens During Submental Liposuction?

Submental lipo is a simple treatment that makes use of anesthesia and takes an hour to complete. Dr. Hennessy first marks the area to be treated, then makes a very small incision under the chin. A tumescent solution is administered, preventing the skin from bleeding while the fat is being suctioned away.

A cannula is inserted into the incision. This surgical tool is a thin tube with a sharp end used to loosen stubborn fat from the surrounding tissues. The fat is removed from the region through the tube with the help of vacuum suction. After treatment, the area will be dressed with a bandage.

What Happens After My Submental Liposuction Treatment?

After your submental liposuction procedure is complete, you will be able to return home to recover and heal. During the healing process, it will be very important to closely follow the post-surgical care instructions of Dr. Mark Hennessy. This will help to avoid any complications and will lead to a shorter and more comfortable healing process.

You will be prescribed a liquid diet for a short time while the delicate areas on your neck and jaw recover. Mild swelling and bruising will be present in the region; these can be addressed with the help of a cold compress. A small amount of time off from work may be required. Avoid vigorous exercise during the healing process.

Massaging your jaw and neck can aid in recovery. After all healing is complete, you will be able to see the full results of your treatment.

How Much Does Submental Liposuction Cost?

The cost of your submental lipo will be set based on a number of details. The amount of fatty tissue removed can affect the final price, as can the time required to perform the procedure.

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