Liposuction After photo by Dr. Mark Edwards Hennessy in Houston TexasFats Collected from Liposuction photo by Dr. Mark Edwards Hennessy in Houston TexasPhoto of Liposuction Result by Dr. Mark Edwards Hennessy in Houston Texas

The morning of, I was seriously freaking out, because I watched soo many videos ad couldn’t believe I’d finally be doing it to my body. After taking my before photos, I packed up my little bag and headed to the doctors office. Once I arrived Maureen and I finished up some paperwork then I went to the exam room to take my meds, preop pics and on to surgery. I just kept asking “when will I not be nervous lol”, then just like that I wasn’t nervous lol. Dr. Hennessy came in and I told him the exact look I was going for and he said he’d get me my desired result. Once I laid on the table, my nerves were gone and I watched a movie while simultaneously talking to dr Hennessy. When I would feel occasional pains I’d say something and it’d be gone within 3-5secs it was gone. In the end he had me stand up, I guess to make sure everything was falling into place correctly and he lipo’ed some more WHILE I WAS STANDING, and all I could think was this is cool (what the heck was in the meds to make soo calm lol). We wrapped up, he told me he removed 6 lbs, I thanked him and waited on my ride to come up. When we walked out, my mom and aunt who were waiting in the car were like “umm did you have anything done? You’re laughing and joking around like nothing happened”. Fluid was definitely leaking out at a fast rate. I went to bed and woke up around 1:30am in pain and could not move(I fell asleep in a weird position), so I took 2 pain pills and w/in 5mins I felt fine. And let me state that I have a VERY low pain tolerance, so the fact that I was walking around and talking/joking until then was amazing. I have a waist again!!!