Can Liposuction Treat Buffalo Lump?

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Sometimes, your body may develop unwanted pockets of fat that can negatively alter your appearance. When a pocket of fat develops between your shoulder blades, it’s commonly known as a buffalo hump. This type of issue is typically addressed with liposuction surgery. 

What Is a Buffalo Hump?

Medically known as a dorsocervical fat pad, a buffalo hump is a swollen pocket of fat. Positioned between the shoulder blades, this unwanted feature can appear for multiple different reasons. These include obesity, certain medications, Cushing’s syndrome, Madelung’s disease, some tumors, and genetic predispositions. 

Fortunately, a liposuction procedure performed by Dr. Hennessy in Houston, TX can be a great way to get rid of that excess fat and enhance your overall appearance.

The Role of Liposuction in Treating Buffalo Humps

Liposuction is a well-established, minimally invasive surgical technique designed to remove excess fat from specific areas of the body, thereby reshaping and enhancing body contours. When it comes to addressing buffalo humps, liposuction stands out as a targeted and effective treatment method.

One of the key benefits of using liposuction to address this concern is its ability to produce immediate and noticeable results. Unlike non-surgical treatments that may offer minimal or temporary solutions, liposuction directly removes the fat cells, resulting in a permanent reduction of the hump, provided the patient maintains a stable weight post-procedure.

Additionally, the minimally invasive nature of liposuction means that patients can enjoy a quicker recovery period compared to traditional open surgery. Most individuals are able to return to their normal activities within a few days to a week, with minimal downtime and discomfort.

The Ideal Candidate for Buffalo Hump Liposuction

Primary candidates for liposuction surgery are those who have an accumulation of excess fat on their upper back. These men and women should be in good overall health and have no underlying health conditions. Ideal candidates will be at or near their ideal body weight. These candidates will also have realistic expectations for their surgery.

The Procedure

Dr. Hennessy takes a personalized approach to every liposuction procedure. Understanding that each patient’s body is unique, he tailors the technique and extent of fat removal to meet the individual’s specific needs and aesthetic goals. This bespoke approach ensures that patients receive the most natural-looking and satisfying results.

When you decide to undergo buffalo hump liposuction surgery, you can expect to be put under general anesthesia. This will ensure your comfort and safety throughout the entire procedure. Dr. Hennessy will place incisions in inconspicuous areas throughout the upper back. These incisions will typically be less than half of an inch long.

Next, he’ll insert a cannula into each incision. This is a small tube that is used to suction out the excess fat cells from the body. As the liposuction is administered, the upper back will be contoured into a more proportional look. 

After all the liposuction contouring is completed, the incisions will be closed up with sutures.

What to Expect After Surgery

After your surgery is completed, Dr. Hennessy will give you a list of post-op care instructions. If you follow these instructions correctly, you’ll be fully recovered within a few weeks. During these first six weeks, you should be wearing a compression garment. This will not only protect the incision site but will work to reduce unnecessary swelling throughout your recovery process.

You can expect swelling to occur for the first few weeks after your surgery. Those who work a sedentary job can return to work one week after their surgery. However, a patient with a strenuous job should wait a few weeks before returning. 

Exercise should be paused for at least one month. You should expect to have multiple follow-up appointments to get the sutures removed and to check on the healing of your incision sites.

The Importance of a Personalized Consultation

Liposuction offers a safe, effective, and lasting solution for individuals looking to eliminate buffalo humps and improve their body contour. In a few short months, patients will be able to see the permanent results and enjoy regaining their self-confidence.

If you’re considering liposuction, it’s best to schedule a consultation with a licensed cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Mark Hennessy. He’ll be able to answer all of your questions regarding the surgery, explain the benefits it can provide, discuss exact surgery costs, and help you set realistic expectations for your liposuction surgery. Schedule a consultation today.