How to Maintain Your Results

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Diet and Exercise and Aequanimitas:

  • Strive to avoid processed foods and instead consume more vegetables, fruits (not from a can and not bananas),lean meat (size of your palm) and whole grains. Consider eating an apple thirty minutes before your largest meal of the day.
  • Daily aerobic exercise at least 30 minutes per day, including core strengthening exercises to maintain a healthy spine.
  • Never go to the food store with an empty stomach.
  • You quit smoking before Liposuction, why not remain a non-smoker? Give your heart and lungs the opportunity to repair themselves.
  • Consume enough water to maintain a pale pre output. Avoid all drinks containing salt and sugar.


  • Whenever there is an incision of the skin, there is the potential for scar formation. Generally, after liposuction the incision sites heal in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, yet some patients seek preventative treatments.

    A silicone wound dressing maybe applied to a closed wound and this will reduce the scar’s appearance and thickness. Also, silicone dressings may decrease redness of and the itching that develops at times.

  • Massaging the scar may help smooth out any bumps. Scars are more sensitive to UV rays and so, they need to be covered while outdoors, or require application of sunscreen to avoid development of discoloration.

Post Op Pearls of Wisdom:

  1. use scar cream/sheets as directed
  2. make an appointment with a certified lymphatic massage specialist.
  3. moving immediately after surgery helps prevent the development oxblood clots.
  4. compression garments worn as recommended and downsized when necessary are critical to your healing.
  5. pineapple-an anti-inflammatory fruit (as is papaya) which helps minimize the development of bruises after liposuction.
  6. seek guidance from your primary care provider to fight the urge to return to smoking.


  • Sleeping is a critical component of the healing process. I recommend that you avoid sleeping on the area that was treated. As an example: if you underwent 360 lipo then avoid sleeping on your stomach (inflammatory fluid will pool under the skin and slow down the healing process.
  • You will have an extra sleeping tablet to help you fall asleep after liposuction (not to be taken with pain medication).
  • An eye mask may be beneficial should environmental conditions make it difficult to fall asleep.

Sex after surgery:

  • You should avoid intimate relations until your incisions have closed completely (generally 1-2 weeks).

Exercise after Liposuction:

  • After your procedure, you will be motivated to maintain your appearance through dieting and exercise. Although lifting weights and using exercise equipment are counter productive for the first week, aerobic exercise may be initiated the day after liposuction.


  • After Liposuction, you need to be transported back to your home or hotel by a friend, family member, Uber driver by way of the hotel’s shuttle.

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