Chest liposuction is a body-contouring procedure often performed for male patients. At Downsize! Lipo Center of Houston, Dr. Hennessy’s chest liposuction for Houston patients produces high-quality results.

What Is Chest Liposuction?

Some men—both young men and adults—build up excess fat in their chest area, creating the appearance of male breasts. Having too much fat in the chest can greatly reduce the masculine appearance of the chest. Often, male patients are reluctant to wear tight shirts or show their upper body because of their excess chest fat. Chest liposuction is a perfect solution for this issue.

Chest liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that removes unwanted fat from the chest area. It helps restore the masculinity of the male chest, allowing patients to achieve their ideal body shape.

Ideal Candidates

Male patients with excessive fat buildup in their chest are good candidates for a chest liposuction procedure. Candidates should be in good overall health, and non-smokers are preferred. Patients who have realistic expectations and are fully committed to following healthy lifestyle recommendations are ideal candidates for chest liposuction.

Your Consultation

For your consultation, Dr. Hennessy will start by listening to your goals and concerns. You will tell Dr. Hennessy about your lifestyle, including your diet and exercise habits. Dr. Hennessy will perform a physical examination and will evaluate your medical records before deciding if you are eligible for a chest liposuction procedure.

Dr. Hennessy will create a personalized chest liposuction plan and discuss its details with you. He will give you the preparation instructions and go over the procedure, the recovery process, and your potential results. You can ask questions at any time, and Dr. Hennessy will make sure to address all of them.

Your Chest Liposuction surgery will be performed by Dr. Hennessy in Houston.

The Chest Liposuction Procedure

A chest liposuction procedure can last within two to four hours depending on the plan and amount of fat removed. Dr. Hennessy’s chest liposuction is an “awake procedure,” so general anesthesia will not be used. This avoids the side effects associated with general anesthesia. The patient will still be comfortable throughout the entire procedure, since the area will be effectively numbed by administering a tumescent solution.

A small incision will be made once the numbing is complete. Dr. Hennessy will then perform Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL), where an oscillating cannula loosens the fat from its surrounding tissues. The fat is then removed using a medical suction.

Recovery Period

The patient can go home after receiving the recovery instructions from Dr. Hennessy. The recovery period will only take 48 hours, since no general anesthesia was administered.

While recovering, the patient may experience swelling, bruising, and soreness in the treated area; these can be minimized using a cold compress. Patients will need to wear a compression garment, which will also minimize swelling. In some cases, a drain may be inserted to deal with the fluid buildup in the chest area.

Certain activities may not be allowed during recovery. Full results can be seen once all swelling has completely ameliorated.

How Much Does Chest Liposuction Cost?

The price of a chest liposuction procedure may vary depending on factors like the amount of fat removed. Other aspects that may affect the overall cost include total surgical time and anesthesia fees.

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If you are eager to restore the masculine appearance of your chest, chest liposuction in Houston is your ideal option. Contact Downsize! Lipo Center of Houston today to schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Hennessy.

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