How to prevent infection after Liposuction

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There is a risk for an infection after any surgical procedure.

Red Flag symptoms include:

  • Fever (Temperature greater than 101 degrees).
  • Greenish discharge (from wound) (s).
  • Increasing Pain, Redness with swelling of a wound site, increased warmth of the skin near a wound. An odor from the wound and/or a prolonged lack of energy.


  • Use Hibliclens prior to Liposuction. Stop smoking for 4 weeks prior.
  • Avoid shaving area scheduled for treatment.
  • Keep incisions clean and dry (avoid soaking in a bath tub, swimming in a pool).
  • Avoid touching open wounds with your bare hands.
  • Do not scratch your wounds and take your antibiotic as instructed by Dr. Hennessy.

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