Day of Surgery 6/5/2020

Liposuction After photo by Dr. Mark Edwards Hennessy in Houston TexasFats Collected from Liposuction photo by Dr. Mark Edwards Hennessy in Houston TexasPhoto of Liposuction Result by Dr. Mark Edwards Hennessy in Houston Texas

The morning of, I was seriously freaking out, because I watched soo many videos ad couldn’t believe I’d finally be doing it to my body. After taking my before photos, I packed up my little bag and headed to the doctors office. Once I arrived Maureen and I finished up some paperwork then I went to the exam room to take my meds, preop pics and on to surgery. I just kept asking “when will I not be nervous lol”, then just like that I wasn’t nervous lol. Dr. Hennessy came in and I told him the exact look I was going for and he said he’d get me my desired result. Once I laid on the table, my nerves were gone and I watched a movie while simultaneously talking to dr Hennessy. When I would feel occasional pains I’d say something and it’d be gone within 3-5secs it was gone. In the end he had me stand up, I guess to make sure everything was falling into place correctly and he lipo’ed some more WHILE I WAS STANDING, and all I could think was this is cool (what the heck was in the meds to make soo calm lol). We wrapped up, he told me he removed 6 lbs, I thanked him and waited on my ride to come up. When we walked out, my mom and aunt who were waiting in the car were like “umm did you have anything done? You’re laughing and joking around like nothing happened”. Fluid was definitely leaking out at a fast rate. I went to bed and woke up around 1:30am in pain and could not move(I fell asleep in a weird position), so I took 2 pain pills and w/in 5mins I felt fine. And let me state that I have a VERY low pain tolerance, so the fact that I was walking around and talking/joking until then was amazing. I have a waist again!!!

Verified Patient

Dr. Hennessy was very nice

Dr. Hennessy was very nice and laid back and spent a good amount of time with me as I was nervous about having an actual surgical procedure. I’m just blown away by the difference I’m seeing in my body.

RealSelf Patient

Dr. Hennessy listened and understood me…

Dr. Hennessy listened and understood me when I said ‘hour glass’ figure. He removed from the areas that were so stubborn and hard for me to get rid of. I would do it all over again. After the procedure Maureen followed up with me and I’m here now 3 months later for a check up and still receiving outstanding service!! I give them an A+


Booked my surgery for 6/5/2020

I booked with Dr. Hennessy on 5/12. I initially was trying to get in before the end of May for my upcoming vacations, but with quarantine coming to an end, you ladies beat me to the punch lol. Booking was super simple. I ordered arnica gel, arnica tea, lymphatic drainage drops, puppy pads, bromelain, maxi pads and extra strength Tylenol. So the countdown began.

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Lipo 360

Dr. Hennesy and his staff were great, I was nervous at first but they make You feel comfortable and talk you through the process. I was told he removed 4 1/2 pounds. I was great right after procedure but after numbing wear off you will be soar and had to take a pain pill. I was no longer leaking when I was able to take the shower at 24 hours. I set up my massage on yesterday and it hurt like hell. Every touch was painful I probably should have waited longer than 24 hours to get massage and took a pain pill. After massage my inches did go down from 32 to 30 1/2 I will update with more pictures


Awesome Doctor

I traveled from New Orleans, It was awesome, He made me feel very safe an comfortable, He did a Greeeeaaat job on my Lipo…,I recommend Dr. Hennessy !! I plan on see him again within the next 3 months to have another procedure done.


Best Results!!!

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Hennessy! I had my procedure done in early May 2019. Here are some of the great things to look for. Free consultation, parking is covered all the time, now running a great special ( 50% off all packages). Dr. Hennessy is board certified, and knows actually what’s he’s doing. I wanted liposuction in my back area . I had two rolls on both sides around my mid to lower back area. Also , I had fat around the top part of my bra area. I would always wear some sort of sweater thick or thin according to the weather to hide my back fat. I weigh 164lbs and 5’4 in height…. Which means a lot of my unwanted fat was deposited into my back area. After the surgery he removed 2lbs of fat( the size of a 1Liter soda) I had to wear this special pressure bra that comes with the surgery package. Lots of swelling but goes away as time passes. Light pressure massage twice a week to keep the fluid moving. I was very bloated but as time passed I could see better results…. My advice to all, please educate yourself. This will help you to understand what the doing is say to you. Be realistic and follow the doctors orders. I am very happy with my results!


Dr. Hennessy and his nurse and secretary are all very professional

I work in the Medical Center and I was referred to Dr. Hennessy by one of my patients. I am now 6 weeks post lipo of the abdomen, flanks, and chest. The inflammation has subsided and now I am confident enough to go to a pool party with my friends. Dr. Hennessy and his nurse and secretary are all very professional and , at the same time, comforting. This was my first cosmetic procedure, and given my experience, I have scheduled chin lipo with Dr. Hennessy next month.


Very pleased

It was great I went yesterday to have my lipo done. He listened to every concern I had and he went step by step through the process. His nurse was so caring and held my hand. The pain wasn’t as bad I thought. The numbing medicine stings but that’s about it. You watch a movie the whole time or can take a nap. I end up falling asleep I was so comfortable. He took out 4 pounds of fat from. My…


Power Assisted Liposuction (31 years old, mom of 2)

I had Power Assisted lipo on 4/13/18 with Dr Hennessy, and has great bedside manner and personality, and so does his nurse Emily. Office and operating room are very clean. He explains procedure step by step as he is working. Procedure was not painful, and when you do feel small pain he stops and adds more numbing medicine. I have referred Dr Hennessy to all of my fiends.

Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

I had an amazing experience

I just finished my lipo session on 3/26/18and I must admit he is awesome. He made me feel really comfortable and his assistant is personable. They made sure I was very comfortable and pain free.i would recommend him to everyone. He is great!!! A-1 Bedside manners!❤️❤️


Dr Hennessy is AMAZING!!!

Dr Hennessy is AMAZING!!! Power Assisted Lipo Abdomen, Flanks, Upper and Lower Back. I had a consultation Oct 16,2017 and my appointment was amazing.. Dr Hennessy answered all of my questions and advised me on the procedure that would be best for me. I secured my date with the deposit and had my surgery on 11/2/2017.. The procedure was not painful, Dr Hennessy was AMAZING and throughout the procedure he would make sure I was comfortable. After my followup appointment, I…

Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

Great experience

I got my procedure done on 1/12 regarding upper lower stomach and flanks. The first day I drained a lot. The second day I could tell my stomach was flat. I had a problem with my lower stomach pouch before this procedure I’m so surprised by the results. And it has only been 6 days. The first picture is before. The other pictures is the day after. Yes I’m swollen and bruised. The procedure was…

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Awesome experience!

So I had my procedure done 12/29/17 I had upper/lower and love handles(flanks) and so far I can say I’m starting to see some good signs that my stomach and waist will look amazing! Dr. Hennessey is super nice and Emily also made feel relaxed and took really good care of me. I’m looking forward to my 6 week mark because I know by then my body will be snatched(in a good way lol) just in time for…

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