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Dr Hennessy has been practicing medicine since 1991 and he has performed thousands of Liposuction procedures since 2014.

If you are looking for a permanent fat reduction solution, please contact our office to access the personalized care and exceptional results that have earned Dr. Hennessy recognition as a top provider of liposuction in Houston.


We are now offering Cellulite treatments!

Downsize! Lipo Center PLLC

Dr. Hennessy offers Power Assisted Liposuction for patients seeking a life changing improvement in body contours. Our focus at Downsize! Lipo Center PLLC is to transform your body image while maintaining a sterile, safe environment.


Your comfort and ease are also prioritized at Downsize! Lipo Center PLLC. We are unique in that we offer patients a virtual reality headset which enables you to watch a movie during your procedure.


We also do our best to accommodate our patients’ busy lives. We understand that your time is valuable, and we are pleased to offer Liposuction to our patients on Saturday mornings.

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Is Liposuction Right For You?

Dr. Hennessy offers liposuction in Houston to treat nearly any area of the body that stores stubborn pockets of excess fat. In addition to being physically and psychologically healthy, as well as having realistic expectations and goals, an ideal candidate should:

perfect woman body

Have a desire for greater definition in certain areas of the body or a sleeker shape

Beautiful girl doing stretching exercise

Have already attempted the natural methods of diet and exercise

woman weighing on scale

Be at a weight that is within 30 percent of their ideal weight

Close-up of Woman's Legs

Have firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone


Meet Dr. Hennessy, MD


Dr. Hennessy has been practicing medicine and liposuction procedures for 24 years combined. He has treated hundreds of patients in Virginia, Dallas, and more recently in San Antonio before starting a new practice here in Houston. Dr Hennessy is native Houstonian. He went to medical school at The Royal College of Surgeons and completed his Internship and residency training in Boston, Massachusetts.


“I had an idea what to expect but never experience a Lipo before. I was nervous at first but they made me feel very comfortable. Very professional, clean, fast and easy. My first day after Lipo was the hardest.
I had a 360 done and I’m glad I did it. I have no regrets. I mostly felt sore. I had soreness similar to a hardcore workout with heavy lifting. Is been a year now and I’m going back for arms and my inner thighs. Can’t wait.
Thank you Dr. Hennessy and your staff.
I appreciate all the love and professionalism.”

‘hour glass’ figure ★★★★★
“Dr. Hennessy listened and understood me when I said ‘hour glass’ figure. He removed from the areas that were so stubborn and hard for me to get rid of. I would do it all over again. After the procedure Maureen followed up with me and I’m here now 3 months later for a check up and still receiving outstanding service!! I give them an A+”