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Downsize! Lipo Center PLLC of Houston

Power Assisted Liposuction for the patient seeking a life changing improvement in body contours. Our focus, at Downsize! Lipo Center PLLC, is to improve your body image while maintaining a sterile safe environment while catering to your comfort for example:we offer virtual reality headset which enables you to watch a movie during your procedure. We understand that your time is valuable, and so we are pleased to offer Liposuction to our patients on Saturday mornings.

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Liposuction can treat nearly any area of the body that stores stubborn pockets of excess fat. In addition to being physically and psychologically healthy, as well as having realistic expectations and goals, an ideal
candidate should:

  • Have a desire for greater definition in certain areas of the body or a sleeker shape
  • Have already attempted the natural methods of diet and exercise
  • Be at a weight that is within 30 percent of their ideal weight
  • Have firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone
Dr. Hennessy

I had an amazing experience!

“Dr. Hennessy and his staff, Maureen and his nurse Tuya are the best! Dr. Hennesy is very thorough and gentle. He has very pleasant bed side manners too. His nurse Tuya is soooo sweet and loving. I couldn't have had a better nurse. During the procedure, if I felt anything, he took care of it right away. He removed right at 8lbs or more than 4liters of fat (OMG) from my abdomen, flanks and bra...”

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