Liposuction for a Better Body

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Body image issues affect us all. Both men and women often struggle with their weight and figure, becoming unhappy each time they look in the mirror and see a form they wish they could change. Even with strict dieting and proper exercise, fat in the human body can be stubborn and resistant, leaving bulges and pockets that defy your best efforts to address.

This is why liposuction is such a powerful and sought-after procedure. When you’ve done your best to get the body you want but nature just refuses to oblige, you can turn to expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mark Hennessy.

With decades of experience in medicine and liposuction procedures, Dr. Hennessy can use liposuction to create the body contours you want and finally defeat that stubborn fat. To learn more, contact the Dounsiz Liposuction Center of Houston and schedule your consultation!