Sculpting Shapley Thighs with Liposuction

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Well-toned thighs with beautiful contours are very attractive and can add a lot of appeal to your figure. Unfortunately, the thighs are an area of the body that can easily accumulate fat. What makes this worse is that targeting excess fat in the thighs with dieting and exercise alone is incredibly difficult and can be discouraging.

At the Dounsiz Lipo Center of Houston, we can sculpt the shapely and well-defined thighs you need to have a curvaceous and sexy figure. Liposuction specialist Dr. Mark Hennessy will closely examine your thighs to determine how much fat removal is necessary and which areas of the thighs should be focused on to sculpt your ideal shape. After your liposuction procedure, you can have thighs that look good inside and outside of clothing.

Contact Dounsiz Lipo Center to schedule a consultation for your thigh liposuction procedure. Dr. Hennessy and our staff will provide you with the high-quality aesthetic care you need.