The Wide Variety of Liposuction Procedures

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Understanding Liposuction Options: Which Procedure is Right for You?

There are so many liposuction variations out there. Some people can feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices. The important thing to remember is that all approved forms of liposuction can provide fantastic results.

Traditional liposuction has provided outstanding results for years. The invention of laser liposuction made the entire procedure easier for patients and surgeons. Other options like power-assisted liposuction provide even more benefits than traditional liposuction, like less bleeding and a quicker recovery period.

At Downsize! Lipo Center PLLC, we specialize in power-assisted liposuction. The procedure offers fantastic results, is incredibly safe, and makes the entire recovery process easier on the patient. If you are interested in liposuction, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with liposuction expert Dr. Mark Hennessy.