What Is the Recovery Process Like After PAL?

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What to Expect After Power-Assisted Liposuction?

PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction) is a modern and updated version of the traditional liposuction. It utilizes a power-assisted cannula that gently vibrates to suction out loosened fat from the body. The process is easier for both the surgeon and the patient.


  1. Some bruising and swelling are expected after the procedure, which subsides after a few weeks. Patients are advised to rest for a few days before resuming routine activities.
  2. Experiencing higher degrees of pain is rare, and medications are suggested if the case need be by the doctor.
  3. Absorbent pads and compression garments are to be worn by the patient for several weeks after the surgery.
  4. Vigorous exercises and certain positions such as sitting on a desk or driving for long distances must be avoided for a few weeks.
  5. The post-op recovery is different for every patient, and the doctor gives personalized instructions to each patient. Generally, the scars fade away over several months.